The Community Council of Greater Dallas and Community Youth Development programs in Dallas are designed to help the Aging and at-risk youth avoid behaviors that lead to arrest. Michael Brown with Experiential Solutions T.E.A.M., Inc. has helped our staff, community leaders and youth and families with hands-on, in-depth training on a variety of topics such as youth leadership development, cultural diversity and dexterity, working with difficult people, and any other topic we have requested. He is always prepared, professional and keeps the crowd engaged with meaningful activities. His services come highly recommended!”

Jacqueline P. West M.A., Deputy Director, Community Council of Greater Dallas

Thank you for providing the Community Relations Department with the team building training. Our staff enjoyed and benefited from the team building concepts, focus and direction you gave us. We especially appreciated the exercises designed to help our staff work together, communicate, and develop solutions. One of the most beneficial exercises was when each member ad to set a goal that he/she felt would lead to self-improvement and add to the strength of the team.”

Michael Ralston, Director of Community Relations, Dallas Public Schools

Thank you once again for sharing your expertise. Keep up the great work!”

Kevin L. Acosta, Coordinator of Community Relations

As a large community bank going through a merger with a similar organization, we knew it was imperative our front line employees remain positive, yet accurate and attentive to customer needs, while the transaction progressed. Michael was able to create “Dealing With Transition” experiential learning training for more than 500 retail bank employees. His warmth, understanding, and expertise immediately put everyone in each session at ease, allowing for a better understanding of the importance of the material presented. He facilitated 2 sessions a day over an 8-week period (24 total sessions).”

Paula Kuzma, Vice-President of Training & Development, Promistar Bank

Our Management and Supervisor staff participated in Team Building Exercises with Michael Brown. Training through experiential activity really did provide a challenge to our team. I personally was confident that our already strong team would cruise through the activities. We did not cruise! It took a while for us to accept the obstacles that would stand in the way of our team or I should say perceived obstacles. We worked hard and had a lot of fun! Michael provided a good variety of activities and spent an adequate amount of time with our group in discussion following each event. Thanks for providing Team Building Skills in a creative manner; we will definitely be back!”

Mike Clark, General Manager, Sam’s Club Distribution Center

Thank you for facilitating our Team Building Workshop. The management team thanks you as well. Through your facilitation, we were able to uncover some truths about our existing team, how we work together, and what we could stand to change. We also discovered that we’re not as far off base as we thought! Working with us through experiential learning, you were able to reveal many concepts about our team that were “hidden” to us. Again, thank you for your time and expertise. We will certainly be using your company in future staff development and training.”

Patty Maddox, Director Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas

I attended the Train the Trainer/facilitation Training for educators and counselors conducted by Experiential Solutions T.E.A.M. He was very informative about the Experiential Learning Model and Philosophy. He taught the group many types of activities to be used in a variety of settings. He shared information on how to adapted the situations or content to different ages and for different groups of special needs children. The success of Michael’s program strategies is that they can be varied to the size of the group, available resources, physical conditions, and emotional development of the group being approached. Michael stressed that the job of the facilitator is to create for the participants an understanding of how the structured activities can be used in the transfer of learning into their everyday lives”

Kathy J. Goad, DeSoto High School

We couldn’t recommend Mike or his program more highly. He exhibits a warmth and sensitivity in his facilitation and teaching style that strike an immediate and very positive bond with those mentors. Our staff was transformed over the course of the program and most of that result can be attributed to Mike’s expertise and extensive experience in the field of experiential leadership.”

Betty Clark Dye, Residential Life Coordinator, Northwest Missouri State University

It has been the Texas Association of Developing Colleges’ pleasure to engage the services of Michael Brown and Experiential Solutions T.E.A.M., Inc. for over 4 years and would not entertain the thought of using anyone else. Michael is great training consultant and facilitator. He was able to engage the students and provided outstanding leadership training to the student leaders from the 5 Historical Black Colleges/ Universities that we represent from throughout Texas. Michael Brown and his facilitators have consistently delivered excellent service to our organization and will continue to be our choice for all future leadership and team building conferences and programs. It is an honor to offer this recommendation for Experiential Solutions T.E.A.M., Inc.”

Barbara Hawkins, Executive Director, The Texas Association of Developing Colleges/TADC

…Michael and his team provided my associates with top-notch sales training and development. He understood our business model and quickly identified the core competencies of my team. He developed a customized program that appropriately identified the strengths and opportunities of my organization. The end result being a better focused…more efficient and productive professional sales team Michael’s passion for his work and “whatever it takes” approach toward helping your business become better at what it does…is the key to his SUCCESS! I look forward to some of the new programs he is developing for next year and will definitely have him back soon.”

Robert P Anderson, Principal/District Manager, Farmers Insurance Group

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