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The DISC Career Management assessment was designed to help individuals roadmap for informed educational and occupational decisions. Imagine equipping any individual, of any age, with the behavioral analysis and occupational data necessary to ensure lasting professional success and fulfillment.

Today’s workplace is in constant change and careers are evolving to keep pace. In today’s workforce it won’t be unusual for people to change their career 4-5 times during their working lives. Furthermore, research indicates that more than 50% of working people hold jobs that do not utilize their natural talents, so they are neither fully motivated nor satisfied with their work. Similar research indicates that 50-80% of all employed adults are in the wrong job or career.

Combined with soaring tuition rates and competition for solvent employment, it becomes more important than ever that individuals make informed career decisions based on a solid understanding of their behavioral style. With an increased understanding of the talents brought to the workplace, individuals can maximize their ability to succeed and achieve career satisfaction in an ever-changing environment.

How does DISC Career Management work?

By combining DISC’s behavioral analysis with the Federal Government’s comprehensive O*Net Job Codes, the DISC Career Management report matches each individual’s behavioral style with specific occupations necessitating the same traits.

The first part of the report begins in defining a critical element – the individual’s “Occupational Behavioral Style”. Research suggests that specific behavioral styles are attracted to specific occupations. Understanding career choices, mastering the process of career selection and applying this knowledge for job satisfaction consists of three basic steps:

  • Determining the individual’s natural behavioral tendencies
  • Determining the job’s behavioral demands
  • Understanding the results of adapting the individual’s natural style to “fit” the job’s needs; or selecting the career that requires both the individual’s natural and adapted styles

The report clarifies the job expectations, discovers the reasons for any inner conflict, and reveals the source of the stressors experienced by the individual in their past or present job(s). Finally, the report provides a list of occupations and O*NET Job Codes which require a behavioral style most closely resembling the individual’s own natural style.

Where is DISC Career Management needed?

Everywhere— private schools, charter schools, community colleges, technical institutes, universities, career resource centers, correctional facilities, community-based organizations, human services agencies, community and business organizations, skills clinics and employment services agencies. Increasingly, even employers are utilizing career aptitude assessments as part of their hiring practices with prospective employees— specifically those employees who are transitioning from a different field or industry.

– See more at: http://www.assessments24x7.com/career-management.asp#sthash.ksVQzlmz.dpuf

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